Welcome to the start of Back to School buying season!

Here at Got It Covered we are very excited to bring you the new designs for the 2020 back to School Season.

Lots of colour and trendy designs on the best book covers and back to school products on the market.

 22 brand new designs keeping our range fresh and new. No one ever said you had to look like the kids did last year. Strong and robust to use over and over.


More great news!!! We are also now the Australian Distributor for Little Drops of Water. Little Drops of Water is a popular European range of Nativity sets, Tooth Fairies and occasion / event decorative ornaments and keepsakes. Very popular in Europe and America.


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Many thanks from the Got It Covered Team.

If you are looking for some covers or other items, please send an email with your location to and we will get back to you.